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Working with us is easy!

Your company will have the capability to offer your customers a premium level of service, keeping them happy and empowering you with a tool for customer retention.

Step 1: Setup

NerdDeck provides a platform page that is seamlessly branded to fit your website at no cost to you. From this page, a NerdDeck technician will take care of your customer.

All cases and customer feedback are tracked and recorded to give you peace of mind.

You are paid monthly for all paid cases.

Offer your customer a full service experience, then sit back, monitor your personalized dashboard and watch the extra revenue increase while your customers benefit from your premium services.


Enter how many customers you are turning away daily that need a premium service:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 c =

If each customer buys one premium service at $49.99 and you earn 20%.

Keep your revenue and keep your customers Looking to grow your lines of revenue? Consider it done. NerdDeck offers each customer a premium service at a very low price based at $49.99 and will pay you 20% of each transaction. Your company has the potential to see increased earnings AND keep your customers satisfied!